RTS Helper

Dynamic build order reader for real-time strategy video games. It lets you to read a set of instructions of your build order in real time. It makes easier to follow and learn build orders.

It supports Age of Empires II and includes Hera's build orders.

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(For demostration purpouses in the video it hides the minimap, but you can resize it and put in anywhere in the screen)

How to use

Unzip, run RTS Helper.exe, select the build order and start the game!

To edit and create build orders, you can read the documentation or just open Build Orders\Age of Empires II\Tutorial.txt  file and learn by modifing it. Notepad++ is recommended for editing build orders.

The default location of RTS helper in screen may hide other game elements. For Age of Empires II Control Groups Position mod is recommended to change the control groups location.


You can ask for help in the RTS Helper Discord server or write me an email:
RTS Helper Discord Server

Open Source

RTS Helper is written in C# and it's open source. If you want to check the code, visit the project github page.

Games Supported

  • Age of Empires II
  • Age of Empires IV (future release)

Change Log

See changes and earlier versions here.

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