Change Log

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1.6 - 09 Mar 2023 - Lots of Changes and Improvements and Many New Build Orders

  • New live edit function: Now you don't need to leave RTS Helper to edit the build orders, you can do it inside it and you will see the changes made inmediatly. This makes much easier to create and modify build orders.
  • New option to hide create new villagers and build new houses instructions.
  • Now the comments added in code can be read easily thanks to a new information button that allows you to read the comment as a tooltip or as a message dialog when clicking it.
  • 3 new Survivalist's build orders for Portuguese optimized for the new berries bonus.
  • 6 new Vixark's build orders for dark age.
  • 4 new Vixark's aggressive build orders with very fast feudal timings and no deer pushing.
  • 7 new Vixark's various build orders.
  • Some entity names where changed to make the code easier to write. You'll need to change them manually in your custom build order files. You don't need to do anything for the included build orders. Inside groups: w for wl (woodline), g for gm (gold mine) and s for sm (stone mine). Names: gm for gmg (gold mining), sm for smg (stone mining), sw for sws (siegue workshop), pwll for pw (palisade wall) and swll for sw (stone wall). New: gm (gold mine) and sm (stone mine).
  • Improved format for numeric ranges. For example, now you can write [v]<xt>12-15<>, instead of [v]<x>[1][2][-][1][5]<>.
  • Now the arrow is [>] instead of [->] and the spaces around the arrow are added automatically, so you don't need to add spaces before and after [>].
  • Improved legibility of build orders by adding more groups by default. For example, now you can write [all][vdboar][>][boar2f] that is clearer than before.
  • Added control shortcut keys with a combination of Right, Left, Up, Down, Esc, Enter, Control and Shift keys. You can see the combinations in the aplication as a tooltip for the buttons and as extra text for menu items.
  • Fixed a bug when it was pausing for a second and then unpausing. This caused small unneded unsync. It was usually corrected after next villager came out but it was noneless inconvenient.
  • New function to easily add a new build order.
  • Increased default line spacing to 35% making it cleaner and easier to read build orders.
  • New option of secondary font. This font is used mainly for numbers.
  • New function to check the code style and errors of the complete build order file.
  • Some unit images were resized so they don't leave too much space to their sides.
  • Added auto monthly, weekly and dayly backup of build orders to avoid lost of data.
  • Now when stopped, the next button works as 'Start and Pause'. This makes it easier to review build orders while not in game.
  • Build orders are now sorted by author name making easier to look for build orders of certain author.
  • The back button now sends you to before the last step when you are in a step after the last step.
  • Fixed a bug where it was adding up errors messages in current step when changing size window.
  • Improved the superscrips and subscripts rendering. Now they use the same font as other texts, making the rendering more consistent. Also, now they allow you to combine images in superscripts and subscritpts next to each other and it renders correctly. And finally, now it supports adding super/subscripts next to groups, for example [v@shp]<p>[arrow]<> and it correctly adds the [arrow] as superscript to the group [v@shp] that already has the subscript [shp].
  • Now the synchronize progress works as intended. If you have a saved game and click it, it'll move to the current step and it'll also adjust correctly the timer. Before it wasn't ajusting the timer. Also, fixed a bug where this function wasn't working for single digit villager counts and when creating more than villager per step.
  • Empty steps don't need the empty tag anymore, it's automatically added. You still need to define the empty behavior class at the start of the file.

1.5 - 11 Jun 2022 - Now with Hera's Build Orders

  • 4 Hera's build orders included.
  • Support for links with caption with spaces (using _).

1.4 - 23 Apr 2022 - First Public Release

  • New variable p in behaviors to specify the progress (villager count in Age of Empires II) expected in each step. This is to autosynchronize it when you get behind/ahead in villager count.
  • New groups markup to reuse segments of build order code.
  • New favorites option. You can mark certain build order as favorite and then show only the favorites.
  • Now it autostarts when it detects the loading screen in black for 2 seconds.
  • When you pause the game, now it also pauses RTS Helper.
  • When you save changes to your build order file, the build order is automatically reloaded.
  • Support for multiple starting sounds separated with |.
  • Improved behavior when changing from steps with different duration.
  • Errors in build order now are shown as a red icon in the top of the window instead of message box and now they detail the step number where the error ocurrred.
  • Added autoupdate function of the application, images, build orders and sounds.
  • Support for 95% of screen resolutions and most common UI mods for Age of Empires II.
  • New stats toolbar button that lets you know the idle time you had in previous steps.
  • More control options: add and remove idle time, reset idle time and synchronize progress.
  • New toolbar button for previewing last step or next step, added setting to choose which one to show by default and new behavior keyword sps (show previous step).
  • Enabled restarting step, going to last step and changing step when paused.
  • Support for comments with || in build order files.
  • Bug fixes with time display and stop/restart/restart step functions when paused and you've been moving around steps.
  • Changed build order info markup for build order information to (( and )).
  • The URL parser now allows to have a caption text using :.

1.3 - 26 Dec 2021

  • Line separator is now 3 spaces, new /f keyword for last line and support to ignore empty lines.
  • Entities images support.
  • Format, global format and format classes markup.
  • Behavior, global behavior and behavior classes markup.
  • Right click option in build order selector to reload current build order.
  • Warning when content is larger than window.
  • Plenty of new settings.
  • Display priority settings.
  • Custom names.
  • Override behavior and format settings in build orders.
  • New step progress indicator.
  • Shortcut keys (left and right) for going to next and previous step.

1.2 - 22 Nov 2021

  • Rearanged UI for better space for instructions.
  • Added tooltips.
  • Added minimize button and options in settings to minimize after reaching the end of build order.
  • Added mute button and option in settings to mute after reaching the end of build order.
  • Now it shows the last step text instead of End when reaching the end of build order (useful in case you don't have the minimize on end option activated).
  • Option in settings to stop flashing after reaching the end of build order and option to change the flashing color.
  • Added custom sounds and volume controls before the step ends and starting each step and volume control for each of them.
  • Changed start button behaviour to alternate between start/pause. Added a new restart button.
  • Now you can personalize the step duration.
  • Now you can change the default step lenght from 60 seconds to any duration you want.
  • Added pause button.
  • Added in-game timer. It tries to show you the time that should be shown in-game.
  • Added right click in textbox step for going to last step to last. Useful if you want to have some notes in the last step and don't want to follow up the build order until the end.
  • Added a presound option.

1.1 - 16 Nov 2021

  • New instruction separator of 5 spaces.
  • Now the next and previous buttons don't restart the timer.
  • Improved the example to use subscrips and small caps.
  • Added execution speed option.
  • Added settings option where you can choose the game speed, screen resolution and game.
  • Improved interface for various screen resolutions.

1.0 - 13 Nov 2021

  • First version.
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